Jif vs Gif           

Dark Igloo put together a show celebrating 30 Years of the Gif for GIPHY. I was responsible for creating a timeline of the GIF through dioramas. One of the biggest debates is whether GIF is pronounced with a hard G or soft G. GIPHY is on team hard G, yet Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF, is known to say “choosy programmers choose GIF,” referring to an old JIF slogan, perpetuating the soft G argument. I flipped that argument on it's head in favor of the hard G—by creating a two-sided JIF jar. The JIF side being incorrect pronunciation and the GIF side being proper. GIPHY and JIF teamed up to take this concept from an art show to your pantry in February 2020.




Dark Igloo


Exhibition Design
Graphic Design



Creative Direction

Mark Miller, Dave Franzese


Jess Hutchison

3D Animation

Jake Longoria

© Jess Hutchison, 2022.

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